Women's clothing wholesale from Turkey

Looking for cool women's clothing in large sizes? Welcome to the world of fashion from a manufacturer in Turkey! We have what you need. Our factory specializes in stylish women's clothing of large sizes, and we do not just talk, but do it with a soul. All our products are made to make you and your customers feel comfortable and stylish. And the cool thing is that we have wholesale prices, because you buy directly from the manufacturer. This means that you can offer your customers high-quality clothing in large sizes at affordable prices. We guarantee quality because our products undergo strict control at every stage. So you can be sure that you will get the best. Choose our clothes and become a hit in the fashion world for large sizes!
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About company

We have received orders from 5 famous brands from different countries:

  • 2 Turkish brands
  • 1 from Poland
  • 2 from Russia

Given that each brand has a different request, it was not easy for our designers to create the first collections for 5 brands at once.

A story that started 4 years ago
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Brand creation

  • The benefit is that sending out a batch of goods always costs CHEAPER ⬇, unlike wholesale purchases.
  • The benefit is to sell a product that only you have for MORE EXPENSIVE ⬆, because you are beyond competition.
  • Benefit - EXCLUSIVITY in the supply market - a product tailored to your brand has no competitors, only you have it. I think many of you have experienced situations when a competitor came to your point of sale, disguised as a client, and “licked” the manufacturer from a “running model” for subsequent ordering from the manufacturer....
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But already the first season was marked by successful collections, exceptional craftsmanship, experiments with materials and colors. As a result, all our partners were satisfied, and we continue our fruitful cooperation with these brands! During our activity, we managed to form and expand the staff of workers in the cutting shop, atelier, and, of course, in the creative workshop. Our experienced designers are ready to create collections for your brands that correspond to the idea of your brand.

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Sewing collection

  • Order and miscalculation. Calculation of the order by phone or meeting at the production site.
  • Patterns. Development of patterns or we use yours.
  • Sample. We sew the sample and approve it.
  • Production. We are sewing a batch of clothes.
  • Examination. Checking the quality of tailoring.